Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hollywood Tweet Reaction to Obama's Reelection

Olivia Wilde: "AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard! Young people! You proved them wrong! Tireless Obama volunteers! I THANK YOU!"
Simon Pegg"Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the number 2 and the phrase 'f--k you'."
Demi Lovato: "YAYYY!!! �� Proud to be an American!!! Woo hoo!!!!!"
MC Hammer: "America is making a huge statement !!! Humanity is primary.The people need access to medical care and we Appreciate and Respect Women !!!"
Aubrey O'Day: "Right????!!! God I admire her @maddow! #truth '@cmore2g: I'm LOVING how aggressive her tone is getting hehe'"
Fran Drescher: "We shud all b proud. We exercised r right as Americans. Th nation is a gr8 one! We cn join 2gether. Not let big biz & politicos divide"
Alec Baldwin: "Fox News is hurting the Republican Party....."
Dianna Agron: "Congratulations, Mr. President, our president."
Donald Trump"Our nation is a once great nation divided!...The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy...Hopefully the House of Representatives can hold our country together for four more years...stay strong and never give up!"
Kimora Lee Simmons"#4MoreYears! Congratulations Mr President Sir.->"
Jose Canseco: "What is there to celebrate. United states is a mess and no clown is qualified to get us back on track. All candidates are a joke"
Ronan Farrow: "Fox News hastily packing up their vast smugness reserves for another four years."
Rob Thomas: "Everyone just keep hateful comments to yourself. If romney had won, I would have congratulated him as well and still said we need to move on"
Shonda Rhimes: "FOX news is amazing. Like they live in a magic land far far away from reality. You can not stop watching!"
John Cusack: "Real pressure from left will move the center back from far right --dem victory was less an endorsement of O but a repeal of far right"

Miranda Lambert: "Night yall! Im always proud everytime I see red, white, and blue no matter what!#proudtobeanamerican (and a texan) :)"
Mark Ronson: "ROMNEY HQ looks like the chillout room at a RAVE. people laying all over the place on a massive comedown"
Eliza Dushku: I remember Mitt used to talk to us like that from the podium in church. Then he'd walk off & walk right over people. We can't have that.
Aziz Ansari: "Karl Rove bout to give a Suge Knight style BEAT DOWN to the dude who was supposed to rig the machines."
Aisha Tyler: "Tonight America smells like cookies and freedom, my friends. Cookies and freedom.#forward"
Sandra Bernhard: "'its been so hard on the children'#annromney imagine how it is tonight." "All that travel, hard work and campaigning was worth it...and now its time to work even harder..."
Bill Maher: "Tea Party has now cost the Republicans 5 senate seats. My next donation is going to them."
Lea Michele: "Amazing election party tonight at@MrRPMurphy's house! And so glad we got to celebrate the re-election of OBAMA!!!#GObama"
Melissa George: "In Australia, just heard the great news about our president Obama ! You deserve to had me at hello..."
Ashlee Simpson: "Speech! Speech! #democracy"
Eva Longoria: "haha! @DesWanderer Big Bird is smiling"

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