Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elmo Puppeteer Resigns in Wake of Sex Scandal

In the wake of another accusation of sexual misconduct with an underage teen, the puppeteer who has voiced the beloved “Sesame Street” character Elmo for more than two decades has officially resigned from his role.
The media firestorm began two weeks ago when a man accused 52-year-old Kevin Clash of having a sexual relationship with him when he was underage. At the time, Clash, who is gay, admitted to having a relationship with the accuser, Stephen Sheldon, but said it was a consensual relationship between two adults.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Behind The Scenes: Chris Brown's Stylist Preps Him For AMAs

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Here's What Mitt Romney, and Wife Ann are doing After Losing The Elections

What do you do after finishing an unsuccessful run for President of the United of States? If you're Mitt Romney, you see the new Twilight movie.
The former Republican candidate -- who lost the election to President Barack Obama on Nov. 6 -- enjoyed some post-campaign downtime with his wife, Ann, on a date to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 on Saturday night. They were joined by two young men.
TMZ spotted the group -- sans bodyguards -- leaving a movie theater in Del Mar, Calif., where they reportedly caught a showing of the fifth and final film in Stephenie Meyer's smash vampire series. (Incidentally, Meyer and Romney have at least one thing in common: Both are Mormon.)
After the movie, the Romneys headed across the street to a local pizza joint. A source told TMZ the former governor of Massachusetts was super friendly and even posed for pictures with a few his fellow diners.

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Source: OMG

Kate Middleton Snubs Kim Kardashian's Kollection

London might be a big fan of Kim Kardashian, but the royal family might not be!
The 32-year-old recently launched her Kardashian Kollection clothing line with her sisters in the UK city, and wanted to get Kate Middleton involved in the action.
According to The Examiner, Kimmy sent Kate some pieces from the line, hoping to help boost promotion, but the royal beauty sent it right back!
An insider for Buckingham Palace told the magazine:
'Kate is hardly going to turn up for an event with the queen in a cheap leopard-print miniskirt or gold sequined jacket.'
The magazine also reports that Kim invited Kate Middleton over for tea while in the UK, but Kate declined that offer as well.
'She hoped Kate might be seen wearing one of the designs out in public, which would give their fashion credentials a huge boost.'

American Music Awards 2012: Red Carpet

Here's how Stars graced the Red Carpet last weekend for the American Music Awards(AMA). Who's your fave? 

Many more photos after the cut

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Video: Swizz Beatz Feat. Chris Brown & Ludacris “Everyday Birthday”

Why not party like "Everyday Birthday? Well, Swiss and Breezy sure do. 
Check out the video below, and enjoy the Hangover-like hilarity that ensues

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Hollywood Tweet Reaction to Obama's Reelection

Olivia Wilde: "AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard! Young people! You proved them wrong! Tireless Obama volunteers! I THANK YOU!"
Simon Pegg"Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the number 2 and the phrase 'f--k you'."
Demi Lovato: "YAYYY!!! �� Proud to be an American!!! Woo hoo!!!!!"
MC Hammer: "America is making a huge statement !!! Humanity is primary.The people need access to medical care and we Appreciate and Respect Women !!!"
Aubrey O'Day: "Right????!!! God I admire her @maddow! #truth '@cmore2g: I'm LOVING how aggressive her tone is getting hehe'"
Fran Drescher: "We shud all b proud. We exercised r right as Americans. Th nation is a gr8 one! We cn join 2gether. Not let big biz & politicos divide"
Alec Baldwin: "Fox News is hurting the Republican Party....."

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Soulja Boy accidentally posts Photo of P**is on Tumblr( Censored Photo)

Soulja Boy has a history of uploading steamy photos of himself and his crotch on social media - for his female fan's pleasure.

His first attempt in 2009 was laughed at by MediaTakeOut.

He followed that up with another photo of his stuffed erection with the caption "Ladies Only".

Today, he has gone one step further. He posted a photo of his penis on his official Tumblr.

When he realized his" mistake", he quickly apologized and removed the photo:

"I apologize to ever seen that, accident. "

Click here for uncensored photo

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Beyonce Writes a Letter to President Obama

One day before the 2012 presidential election, Beyonce published a letter declaring her "respect and adoration" for President Barack Obama.
The diva's letter, which appears to be handwritten and ends with her signature, was published on on Monday.

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Lady Gaga Flaunts Her Curvy Figure in Bikini

Lady Gaga enjoyed some relaxation as she lounged poolside in San Juan, Puerto Rico with pals DJ White Shadow and her make-up artist, Tara Savelo.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rihanna Posts Topless Photo of herself in Bed

Rihanna posed topless in a racy snap she shared with her 2.8 million Instagram followers the morning after her Halloween party in West Hollywood.
Rihanna has officially completed her new album, "Unapologetic," which hits stores on Nov. 17., and she's ready to take a breather.
She captioned: “The morning after! Hello November.”

Unapologetic is RiRi's seventh studio album, her fourth in the past four years
see more photos after the cut

Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Got a Double Mastectomy

Sharon Osbourne recently made a drastic, proactive decision about her health -- undergoing a double mastectomy after doctors informed her that she was genetically likely to develop breast cancer.
"The Talk" host and reality show mom, 60, made the revelation in the new issue of Britain's Hello! magazine.
"I've had cancer before, and I didn't want to live under that cloud . . . The odds are not in my favor," explains Osbourne, who battled colon cancer a decade ago. "I decided to take everything off, and had a double mastectomy."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gene Hackman slaps Homeless Man For Calling His Wife a C**t

Actor Gene Hackman pimp-slapped a homeless man who physically threatened the actor and his wife outside a New Mexico restaurant 

The incident went down Tuesday as Hackman and his wife were leaving a Santa Fe restaurant. The Homeless guy  named Bruce Becker approached them in a threatening manner, ca
lled Hackman's wife a "c**t" -- and then Hackman dished out some street justice ... slapping Becker across the face.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cee-Lo Green Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Woman

Cee Lo Green says he did nothing wrong as the LAPD is investigating after a woman recently filed a police report claiming "The Voice" host sexually assaulted her.

According to TMZ 
Detectives have already visited a restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles in connection with the case and questioned several employees, including the manager. We do not know if the alleged incident occurred at the restaurant.

New Video: Sky Ferreira "Sad Dream"

The 20-year-old singer turns back the hands of time in retro-inspired video.
Maintaining the melancholy mood of "Sad Dream," Sky stays planted in a dull wood paneled room as her beau works around her.Be friendly, Share!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Video: Carly Rae Jepsen "This Kiss"

Canadian pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen parties it up in her new video "This Kiss."
Check out new video below:

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New Video: Rita Ora "Shine Ya Light"

Roc Nation's leading lady  has just released a new video shot in her hometown Pristina, Kosovo.
 "Shine Ya Light" is  the latest single off of her debut album Ora.
Check out the video below.

New Music: Jaden Smith & Justin Bieber "Love Me Like You Do"

Jaden Smith remixes his homie, Justin Bieber's Believe banger "Love Me Like You Do." 
"Love Me Like You Do" is off Jaden's The Cool Cafe mixtape. 
Listen to the new track below! I like!
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New Video: Ludacris feat Kelly Rowland "Representin"

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Justin Bieber gets another tattoo

On Sunday, the 18-year-old pop star posted a pic of his freshly tattooed forearm on Instagram with the message, "Befo the paps get me."  
Its a picture of  a black-and-gray owl sitting on a tree branch
Bieber is getting quite comfortable with going under the needle. The owl marks his eighth tattoo.

Here's a list of the others

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump Challenges President Obama Again! Here's What He Says...

He's been ranting on twitter about some "Big Announcement "that would be damaging to President Obama's campaign, 
So what was the big news?  Trump wants the President's school transcript, school records and passport, and then he will give $5 million to the Chicago charity of Obama's choice.
Here's the YouTube Video and Press Statement he tweeted

Continue to read the press statement

New Video: Taylor Swift "Begin Again"

Taylor Swift filmed her latest video "Begin Again"  in the City Of Lights; Paris, France.  
The 22-year-old singer described the video as a "love letter to Paris." 
Watch Above.
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Eva Longoria and Boyfriend Break up!

Eva Longoria and her athlete boyfriend Mark Sanchez have called it quits.

The 37-year-old actress and the 25-year-old New York Jets professional American football player split after spending just months together.

A representative for Mark confirms that the pair broke up amicably.

 "It really was about scheduling more than anything else. They will remain close friends." the rep told Us Weekly magazine.
Apparently the former couple are still on great terms.

Madonna Takes a Big Tumble On Stage

Madonna recently performed at the American Airlines Center in Dallas for her MDNA tour, and while singing "Like A Prayer," and showing some love to her fans, the singer experienced a bit of a stumble on stage. Actually, it wasn't a stumble. She downright fell!
Sounds like a very embarrassing moment, doesn't it? Well The Pop diva, quickly got back on her feet and kept on entertaining those in attendance with her 
 After all, the show must go on!
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Iron Man 3: The First Official Trailer

Watch the first official trailer for Marvel's "Iron Man 3" coming to UK cinemas April 26th 2013, starring Robert Downey Jr.

In Marvel's "Iron Man 3", brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr., is pitted against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Celebrities React to the Third US Presidential Debate

The third and final 2012 Presidential debate took place on Monday night in  Florida, with President Obama facing off against challenger Gov. Mitt Romney.

The debate elicited a range of responses from celebrities on Twitter — ranging from the serious to the silly.

Check out what Hollywood stars are saying:

Alec Baldwin: Point goes to Mitt that China is a currency manipulator

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Is Obama moderating this #debate?

Joy Behar: Obama is on the attack like the last debate, throwing Willard’s words back in his face

Shannen Doherty: Blah blah blah…more of the same. Tired old song

Aziz Ansari: Hypothetical question, let’s say Israel calls you up and they say ‘we need all your hummus.’ What’s your move?”#BetterDebateQuestions

Eva Longoria: As foreign policy debate begins let’s say a prayer for all our troops home and abroad! God Bless our soldiers!

Ryan Seacrest: Who do you think took this final debate?

Sarah Silverman: I think we all love teachers #bobschafferforever

Dane Cook: Romney loves talking about what he will do on “day 1.” I bet on day 2 he’s gonna play dance dance revolution

Rob Lowe: Good Lord can the moderator shut up???

Bill Maher: Shorter version of Romney: Me strong. Obama weak. Hulk smash.

John Legend: obama’s making it very hard for romney to disagree with him without sounding like a hawk. romney is basically saying ditto all night.

Kathy Griffin: I wish they would address the Armenian threat: the Kardashians.

Ann Curry: O:”Governor Romney has proposed wrong and reckless policies.” R: “I will get America working again.”

Chris Rock: “I was gonna vote for [insert candidate] but after watching the debate I’m going to vote for [that exact same candidate.] – Everyone #debates” 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “Romney balances budgets consistently. Obama spends your money consistently. #debate #debates” 

Diane Sawyer: “#Debates: neck & neck on @twitter. Mentions: Romney: 286,139 tweets Obama: 263,548 tweets” 

Troian Bellisario: “Romney’s getting schooled on how to be a president… By a president. Boomtown. #debates” 

Aubrey O’Day: “‘You said we have less ships. We also have less horses and bayonets.’ -Obama (Mitt doesn’t understand, [thats] why he didn’t interrupt)”

Kathy Griffin: “Mitt is definitely 4 BIGGER flag pins. Grrrrr, y didn’t Pre Obama’s stylist think of that?? #wheremygaysat??” 

Dianna Agron: “I want to be childish & come up with a phrase like….let’s forgit about Mitt & just move forward. Yes I changed the spelling to rhyme.” 

Octavia Spencer: “Pres to Romney, you’d like to adopt the foreign police of the 80s, social police of the 50s, economic policy of the 40s. #TRUTH” 

Ricki Lake: “#horsesandbayonets #horsesandbayonets #horsesandbayonets…. Just so I’m part of the trend. ;)” 


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culled from ONTD

Beyonce Models House of Dereon 2013 Fall Collection

House of Dereon has released teaser photos of the line's Winter/Holiday line featuring Beyonce as the fairest of them all. Red and Ready for Xmas. More Photos when you continue

Monday, October 22, 2012

Beyonce and Jay-Z Lose Legal Battle To Trademark Baby's Name

Hip-Hop couple Beyonce Knowles and Hubby Jay-Z have lost a legal battle to trademark their daughter ;Blue Ivy's name.
Winning the legal battle would have prevented an event planning company; Blue Ivy Events in Boston from using their child's name for their business. 
 Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexandra, whose events company has been operational since 2009,successfully defended her company's name.
The Carters wanted to trademark their daughter's name - allegedly so Beyonce can start a baby clothing line with the same name. 
Sorry Bey, You win some, You lose some. 

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New Video: Alicia Keys "Girl On Fire"

She has Amazing Vocals that are to-die-for and now she's back with a debut single "Girl on Fire" off her upcoming album "Girl On Fire" .
The song pays homage to the everyday woman who can juggle it all - from the home to work to family, and everything in between.

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Justin Bieber Visits Young Fan with Cancer

Justin Bieber visited Hailey Roser, the four-year-old cancer patient at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. 

Hailey is a huge Justin Bieber fan,who says his songs are helping her make it through treatment for AT/RT ( Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumour ) ; a rare form of brain cancer.  

Kim Kardashian Turns 32: Celebrates in Venice

Kim Kardashian turns 32-years-old. Happy Birthday!

She was spotted with boyfriend Kanye West doing some sight-seeing while celebrating her birthday on Sunday (October 21) in Venice, Italy.

The 35-year-old rapper was seen buying red roses for his reality star girlfriend after they had dinner together at The Grand Canal Restaurant.

Happy Birthday Kimmy! May the world have enough botox to keep the wrinkles off your face.
See more photos when you continue

Desperate Housewife! Kris Jenner Posts Nip Slip Photo of Herself Online

She is a 56 year old  mother of six and a very desperate woman.

Kris Jenner's latest publicity antic is posting a picture on Instagram of herself dressed as Wonder Woman, where she ACCIDENTALLY exposed her breast.

She's been credited as been the instigator of her daughter Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape which shot her to fame; and now one can really tell how far this Mom(manager) would go to get publicity for her kids.
What do you think this was? An accident or just another publicity stunt?!

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Adele Welcomes Baby Boy!

Singer Adele and her  36 year old beau Simon Konecki welcomed a bundle of joy into the world, delivering a baby boy on Friday 
The 24-year-old who first announced her pregnancy via her blog, likes her privacy so i'm sure it would take a while before we get baby pictures. But you'd never can tell...  
Congrats Adele!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are Married!

It's official! After five years of dating, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are husband and wife. 

Engaged since December, when Timberlake proposed in Big Sky Montana with a custom-designed ring, the couple have been inseparable. 

Timberlake, 31, and Biel, 30, kept mum about the nuptials – they were even vague to guests, keeping the location in southern Italy a complete secret until when they started celebrating earlier this week along with close friends and family. 

New Video: Nicki Minaj & Cassie "The Boys "

"The Boys" is off Nicki Minaj's re-release Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded-The Re-Up, due out this November 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Music: Kendrick Lamar Ft Drake "Poetic Justice"

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Drake Finally Graduates From High School.

He is a 25 year old Rapper reportedly worth about  $25 million and a High School diploma!
Drake (full name Aubrey Drake Graham) recently fulfilled all his necessary school work to officially become a high school graduate.
"97% on my final exam. 88% in the course. One of the greatest feelings in my entire life. As of tonight I have graduated high school," Drake tweeted.
"Thank you to my teacher Kim Janzen for spending the last 5 months working tirelessly with me!! OVO SOUND," he added.
Congratulations, Drizzy!

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Fashion Face-Off: Michelle Obama Vs Ann Romney

While President Obama and Mitt Romney duked it out onstage at the second presidential debate on Tuesday, Their wives, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, battled on the sidelines all Pretty In Pink.

Who won this Pink face-off?


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rihanna To Get $10 Million For Pushing a Button

Goodness ME! 
I know i should have been a Pop Star! 
I would push a button and sing and get paid $10 Million !!!!Ok Oma, back to reality!

Rumour has it that Rihanna will receive £5 million (NZ$9.8m) for turning on the Christmas lights at a London shopping centre.

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) Does "Gangnam Style" Dance

 Hugh Jackman got in on the "Gangnam Style" action when South Korean Pop sensation Psy came on set of Wolverine on Monday.
He joins the likes of Britney Spears and Ellen, who were also given lessons  on how to do the famous jig.
And Jackman even brought out his blades for the occasion.

"Had a great time with ‪@RealHughJackman ‪#GangnamStyleWolverine~!!! Lol," Psy tweeted early Tuesday morning.
Jackman also tweeted  "Slicing gangnam style!!!! Great to meet ‪@psy_oppa who visited set yesterday," 

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Halle Berry Talks Wedding Plans For The Third Time

Twice-divorced Oscar winner Halle Berry sounds like she believes in the third time being the charm.
"It's another one of those never-say-never things. I'm a hopeless romantic, and I won't stop till I get it right!"   says Halle Berry who is now engaged to Olivier Martinez, in the November issue of InStyle
"When I first met Olivier, there wasn't the initial 'I'm in love!'" she recalls. "It was something that grew more gradually—and it feels more real because of that."
The French actor is apparently a breath of fresh air for Berry, whose rocky relationships with husbands David Justice and Eric Benet, and now baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, have been headlines for tabloids over the years.
Do you believe she'll get it right this time ?
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Video: The Wanted "I Found You"

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New Video: Dr Sid "Afefe"

Following controversies surrounding  a leak of his "private"  audio conversation with Davido, Marvin Artist Dr Sid has chosen this time to drop the video of his much touted single ‘Afefe’.
How Convenient!
Is it worth all the hype? Watch the Video of the single ‘Afefe’ and drop your comments below

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New Video: Wiz Khalifa - It's Nothin ft. 2 Chainz [Official Video]

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NAS : A Queens Story" (NEW VIDEO)

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Another Kardashian Clothing Line? Kendall And Kylie Jenner Launch Teen Fashion Line

Keeping Up With the Kardashians  Kendall and Kylie Jenner have announced that they will be launching a teen fashion line to be produced under license by Canada's Majestic Mills.
"We love fashion, our Mom and big sisters have always been an inspiration so when we got the chance to design our own line with Majestic Mills we were thrilled! It will be a mix of our casual chic style that we wear everyday and now so can our fans,"  the girls reportedly told  E! News. 
The Clothing line is yet to be named and will break out with T-shirts, pants, shorts and accessories in the spring.

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Will Smith & Jada To Host An Obama Fundraiser

Will and Jada Smith are following in the footsteps of  hip-hop royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce by hosting a fundraiser to support President Obama's election campaign.
Tickets go for $2,500, but for $10,000, guests will have a chance to take a pic with the guest of honor, Michelle Obama. 
Other celebs who've hosted star-studded fundraisers include Gwen Stefani and George Clooney. 

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Ruggedman Ft. 2Face & M.I "Because Of You" (NEW VIDEO)

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Homeless Man Beaten Up Senseless By 2 Police Officers (VIDEO )

Same Bullshit Police Brutality all over the world. Well here's what went down according to the New York Daily News:
"Cops showed up at the Aliya Institute on E. New York Ave. in Crown Heights on the evening of Oct. 8 after receiving a call about a fight between two men, a community source told the Daily News.
 But Zlamy Trappler, 24, a volunteer security guard at the center, said he called cops because he found the shirtless man drunk and sleeping in the lounge of the center, which provides services to young Jewish adults."
Read Full Story After the Cut

Bruno Mars "Locked Out Of Heaven" (NEW VIDEO)

"Locked Out Of Heaven" is the first single off Bruno Mars  upcoming Album Unorthodox Jukebox.
Bruno Mars brings us a little bit of nostalgia with this '70s-inspired music video. 
Watch Below:

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Solange Is Colourful On The Cover Of Elle South Africa

Two weeks ago, Solange released the stunning visuals to her new hit "Losing You." which she shot in South Africa.
She also happened to snag the cover of Elle SA November Issue.
Check out some photos from the behind the scenes of the photoshoot after the cut:

Rihanna: I Haven't Been On A Date In Over 2 Years!

Rihanna has finally opened up about her loneliness . No wonder she won't just let Chris Brown be.
The Singer revealed in her interview with Vogue Magazine's November Issue
"I have not been on a date in forever. Like two years. Haven’t gone to the movies, to dinner. Zero.”
She further went on to say
“I would love to go on a date. You don’t think that? I’m a woman. A young woman, vibrant, and I love to have fun. And I have too many v***nas around me at this point. Seriously, all I want is a guy to take me out and make me laugh for a good hour and take my a** back home. He doesn’t even have to come up. All I want is a conversation for an hour.”

Where are all the Single Chris Brown guys? A Bajan beauty needs you!
More Photos after the cut

Friday, October 12, 2012

Whitney Houston’s 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Engaged to Her God-Brother

It turns out that the blinding bling Bobbi Kristina Brown has been wearing on her finger is an engagement ring. The 19-year-old is planning to marry her controversial boyfriend Nick Gordon.
In a promo for "The Houstons: On Our Own" — the reality show about how Whitney Houston's family has been coping after her death — Brown giggles as she breaks the news that she is engaged to 22-year-old Gordon. Let's just say the reaction isn't celebratory — it's more of a stunned silence. Brown's aunt Pat Houston, who was Whitney's manager and best friend, says, "Engagement? This is unacceptable."
223834_FYF Autumn - 300x250

New Video: Usher : "Numb"

It's been a tough couple of months for R&B legend Usher, who's had to deal with the death of his stepson and his public divorce with ex-wife Tameka. The Single; "Numb" is off his Album  "Numb," off of Lookin 4 Myself Album

2 Year Subscription to Vanity Fair Print & Digital - only $25!

The video starts off at an actual live performance that occurred last year, when he had to cut his set short due to illness. From there, we see various clips of hardships that Usher goes through, including visiting a loved one in the hospital

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New Video: Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj Beauty and a Beat (Official)

Just two days after the theft of his computer and camera, Justin Bieber used the opportunity to release the video everyone has been waiting for is out; "Beauty and A Beat" 

May seem like  one big PR stunt. But His manager confirmed that he really had his stuff stolen

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Singer Nelly Arrested: Heroine, Marijuana and Loaded Gun found on Tour Bus

Rapper Nelly was detained last night in Texas while police officers searched his tour bus -- and found HEROIN in addition to a loaded gun ... and MASSIVE amounts of weed ... law enforcement sources say
According to law enforcement sources, Nelly's bus was stopped at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca -- and a police canine detected the presence of drugs.
Skin Care Heaven, for the Goddess in you! Free Shipping on every order

Jonas Brothers New Song "Wedding Bells" About Miley Cyrus?

Is The Jonas Brothers New Single; Wedding Bells About Miley Cyrus? 
Rumour has it that its to be about the tumultuous relationship between Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

Skin Care Heaven, for the Goddess in you! Free Shipping on every order

Their new single features the lyrics, 
"She says, can you keep a secret 
A ceremony set for June 
I know it's a rush but I just love him so much 
I hope that you can meet him soon 

The Jonas Brothers have yet to comment on the origins of the song. But I am sure that the truth will be out eventually. 
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Rihanna Unveils New Album "Unapologetic" Cover Art

Seven albums in 7 years;  Rihanna is on FIRE!

Skin Care Heaven, for the Goddess in you! Free Shipping on every order

The Bajan beauty took to Twitter in the wee hours of the night to announce she'd be leaking her new album title and cover art ahead of schedule, and she delivered as promised.
RiRi's seventh studio album seems to be titled "Unapologetic", and will drop this November.
Check out the new album art.  You like?
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Thursday, October 11, 2012


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Today is the International Day Of The Girl

Today we support with the United Nations to celebrate the first ever "International Day Of The Girl" which was created
"To speak out against gender bias and advocate for girls’ rights everywhere.

Shatter stereotypes  |  End injustices  |  Demand equality  |  Change the world!"

We stand together to say NO to the second-class treatment of the Girl-Child, No to Early Marriage of Immature girls, YES To Education of the Girl-Child.
A Girl has the same rights a boy has. The right to live, feed, be educated and protected.
We also honour 14 year old Malala Yousafzai; The Pakistani Girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking them and reinforcing the rights of a girl to be educated. Watch a Video of Malala being Interviewed on CNN after the cut.

Justin Bieber's Laptop and Camera Stolen!

Justin Bieber's Laptop and Camera apparently grew wings and left his other possessions during his Washington concert on Tuesday Night
  The Teen Pop Star tweeted:

“Yesterday during the show me and my tour manager josh had some stuff stolen. really sucks. people should respect other's property,” tweeted Bieber. “i had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. #lame #norespect”

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Photo Credits: Getty

Nobody Will Remember Nicki Minaj in 10years! Example Suggests

He is just one of the many celebs to go hard on Nicki after her American Idol spat involving Mariah Carey

"I've met Minaj. I'm not a fan. I don't think you can be that much of a diva unless you've had loads of massive tunes."

The 'Say Nothing' man continued: "In ten years, people are going to be struggling to remember anything Minaj has done except her verse on Monster."

Last year he said, 

"I really don't like her and I'm not a fan of her album. I don't like these people who are hyped up and then their stuff is f***ing g*sh."

"The only respect I have for her is that she's a woman who's done well for herself in the rap industry, so fair play to her for that, even though she obviously blagged it."

Do you agree with him? Is Nicki Minaj Just another Over-Hyped, Short-Lived artist?

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NEW MUSIC: BRYMO: "We All Need Something"

Been a while any song touched me emotionally the way this song did.
With the recent unthinkable happenings in Nigeria, It highlights why we as a nation can't continue to focus on our past and watch our future slip away.
We need each other.
This is a Song in due season.
Listen to "We All Need Something" from Nigerian Artiste Brymo
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Rick Ross, Wale & Drake "Diced Pineapples"

As promised, Rick Ross released the visuals to his seductive banger "Diced Pineapples" featuring Wale and Drake. Shot on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla, Rozay, Wale and Drizzy cuddle up with beautiful women on the beach. 
Watch Video Below:
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