Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homeless Man Beaten Up Senseless By 2 Police Officers (VIDEO )

Same Bullshit Police Brutality all over the world. Well here's what went down according to the New York Daily News:
"Cops showed up at the Aliya Institute on E. New York Ave. in Crown Heights on the evening of Oct. 8 after receiving a call about a fight between two men, a community source told the Daily News.
 But Zlamy Trappler, 24, a volunteer security guard at the center, said he called cops because he found the shirtless man drunk and sleeping in the lounge of the center, which provides services to young Jewish adults."
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Two police officers, one male and one female, found the man sleeping on a couch, surveillance video shows.
The officers awaken the man, identified as Ehud Halevi, who is swaddled in a white sheet.
You can see the exchange between Halevi and the officers intensifies, with the male cop removing a pair of handcuffs. Halevi pushes one of the officer's hands away from his body, the video shows.
The officer then charges Halevi, punching him in the face, while the female officer appears to pepper-spray him and beats him with what appears to be a truncheon.

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culled from ONTD

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