Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald Trump Challenges President Obama Again! Here's What He Says...

He's been ranting on twitter about some "Big Announcement "that would be damaging to President Obama's campaign, 
So what was the big news?  Trump wants the President's school transcript, school records and passport, and then he will give $5 million to the Chicago charity of Obama's choice.
Here's the YouTube Video and Press Statement he tweeted

Continue to read the press statement

I Personally see Donald Trump as someone who is trying to stay relevant in this election. 
What do you think about this Challenge from Donald Trump?

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  1. Things like these happen to console us (ordinary people) that wealth and age does not bring wisdom.

    Ten years from now, we'll all realise the man was in the early stages of dementia

    1. Common Sense isn't so common after-all.


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