Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nobody Will Remember Nicki Minaj in 10years! Example Suggests

He is just one of the many celebs to go hard on Nicki after her American Idol spat involving Mariah Carey

"I've met Minaj. I'm not a fan. I don't think you can be that much of a diva unless you've had loads of massive tunes."

The 'Say Nothing' man continued: "In ten years, people are going to be struggling to remember anything Minaj has done except her verse on Monster."

Last year he said, 

"I really don't like her and I'm not a fan of her album. I don't like these people who are hyped up and then their stuff is f***ing g*sh."

"The only respect I have for her is that she's a woman who's done well for herself in the rap industry, so fair play to her for that, even though she obviously blagged it."

Do you agree with him? Is Nicki Minaj Just another Over-Hyped, Short-Lived artist?

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  1. Her face will be like michael jackson's own


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