Monday, January 7, 2013

Huh?! Eminem Becomes A Born Again Christian

When you think "rapper," the first word that comes to mind isn't "Christian"... but the following may change your mind.
According to a source from Eminem’s hometown of Detroit, the rapper has gone through some life changing events and has found religon and claims to have witnessed Em’s transformation firsthand through some of his recent actions.
The source states that Slim Shady has removed himself “from the depths of the music industry,” and is also refusing to conform to what the music world expects from him.
Now while this sounds a little fishy, it may be very true. On a song on his first album Infinite, which was released before his major label debut The Slim Shady LP, the lyricist said he was a Christian.
On the song, “It's Ok," he raps:
Maybe he has really found God or this is just some publicity stunt.
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