Wednesday, December 3, 2014



A six-week-old baby suffocated and died in his sleep after his parents took him into their bed when they returned from a night out.
Paul Pearson, 24, and 22-year-old Emily Lambert put their son Noah in a Moses basket next to their bed when they arrived back at their home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, at 3.30am on May 31.  
When Noah woke up crying at 5am, Mr Pearson took him from the basket, fed him and carried him into their bed, where he cradled the young boy between him and Noah's mother until he fell asleep.
But four hours later, Mr Pearson woke up to find his son lying unconscious, with blood coming from his nose.
Mr Pearson immediately called an ambulance, but Noah was pronounced dead at Bradford Royal Hospital.
At an inquest into the baby's death, a doctor called Noah's death a 'tragedy' and warned other parents of the dangers of sleeping with their babies


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