Monday, April 15, 2013

Google Launches A New Tool To Help Consumers In The After Life

Google has launched a new tool to help your in the after life... your digital after life that is.
The mega company has opened a new service to let people control what happens to their email, online photos and blogposts saved in its accounts, as concern has grown over what happens to users' "digital life" when they die.
WOW! Crazy!

Called Inactive Account Manager will let users decide whether to trigger it if they haven't logged in for three, six, nine or 12 months! Users will also have the option to either delete their data or send all or selected elements to a nominated person of their choice.
The Guardian reports:
"The move comes after increasing concern about problems encountered by families who have been trying to access or shut down accounts on sites such as Facebook after the sudden death of relatives, and amid controversy over the proposed "right to be forgotten" that the European Union is trying to introduce over digital information."
However according to the site Google's system will only work if set up by the user. Otherwise, family members who want to get access to email, video or other Google accounts will still have to provide a court order, due to data protection laws.
Will you be setting up your Google after life?

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