Friday, April 5, 2013

Karen Igho Joins The Cast of Tinsel

Big Brother Amplified winner Karen Igho is already on the set of MNET’s TV series Tinsel making her acting debut.
The former model announced this on twitter when she tweeted, ‘There you go guys, my big secret am on Tinsel’
She reportedly told a NET reporter about her excitement to be on the soap. ‘I didn’t study acting, but I believe that there’s nothing that one cannot do once one can set his or her mind to that thing’, she said.
And about the reception she has had on set, she says, ‘The cast and crew have been very accommodating, trying to show me the ropes and putting me through. They have been very wonderful and I am sure having fun’
When asked if her fans should expect anymore surprises from her in the nearest future and she said,
 ‘I read Business Administration, from there I have done modeling , a few other things and now acting. I don’t believe in limits. I feel that with the grace of God, I can do all things. So expect Karen doing so many other stuffs.

She however refused to disclose the detail of her character on the soap, saying that fans would have to just wait and see.
Karen Igho came into the limelight when she featured in and won the 2011 edition of Big Brother (Amplified), becoming the third Nigerian in a row to win the prize and the only female to win the ultimate prize.

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