Friday, April 12, 2013

UH OH! Kris Humphries Wants Kim To Admit Her Show Is Fake !

Come on Kris! We knew that already...
Kim's Ex-husband and his attorneys intend to force his reality-star ex Kim Kardashian to admit that scenes in her hit E! TV show were staged to make him look bad. 
Kris, let's be real, you do a pretty good job of making yourself look bad on your own. 
The witness list for Kim and Kris' divorce hearing features several of the show's producers and television executives. Unfortunately for pregnant Kim, one of the show's producers, Jay Russell, has already testified in Kris' favor, saying that at least two scenes in the show were "scripted, reshot or edited" to make Humphries look bad.
The trial will focus on one scene in particular, in which Kim tells her mother, 57-year-old Kris Jennerthat she wants a divorce on a trip to Dubai, which reportedly was shot after Kim had already filed for divorce.
The Kardashians' momager will also be forced to testify as to the legitimacy of the show, according to a source close to the family.
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