Friday, April 12, 2013

New Music: PSY "Gentleman"

There's nothing wrong with being a "Gentleman" in today's world, and Psy lets that be known with his new single!
The South Korean rapper, whose infectious electro pop "Gangnam Style" went viral and had pretty much everybody doing the absurdly hilarious dance routine at least once, decided to finally give his fans a follow-up single.
While the song isn't expected to drop until midnight, there's no underestimating the power of the Internet. If it's ready, then it's ready now!
And though most of "Gentleman" happens to be in Psy's native tongue, the lines in English, like "I'm a mother-father gentleman," "Damn girl, you so freaking sexy" and "Gonna make you sweat/ Gonna make you wet/ You know who I am," definitely show off his ingenuity for lyrics that can easily be turned into slogans.
Psy recently wrapped up a music video for this single, which does include a dance as well.
So yes! Be prepared to do it "Gentleman" style soon enough.
Check out the track below!

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