Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How daring ! They went on TV without make up!

To mark the Season 3 première of their daytime talk show, "The Talk " co- hosts all went on TV without make-up and fancy clothes.
I mean, no weaves, lipstick, foundation, mascara, powder, false lashes or concealer. How Daring!
Sharon Osborne 59, Julie Chen 42, Sarah Gilbert 37, Aisha Tyler 41, and Sheryl Underwood 48, went totally au naturale clad in towels and bathrobes.
Sara Gilbert who thought up the idea, was glad that her co-hosts were comfortable with the idea.

"it shows that we are willing to show parts of our lives that not every body is willing to show. We really are girlfriends and because we feel safe with each other, we are willing to show more of ourselves to the public" She said

So ladies quit trying to look like celebrities. They get a lot of help from make up.
Be confident with your looks.

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  1. They all look even naturally beautiful!,the question is 'how nice!' Not 'how daring'.

  2. Well, its daring cos very few TV personalities would dare to do this

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  4. Miss chineye if u is dis ur comment huh?! U ve brought ur habbit from linda ikeji to dis place!


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