Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rihanna follows Chris Brown on twitter Again!

Rihanna has recently started following Chris Brown on twitter again. She unfollowed him on twitter earlier this year when he allegedly wrote a song that dissed her.

Not long after the diva hit that follow button, she retweed a tweet that could indicate just how she's feeling about Chris. She posted:
Could this be a secret message for Chris Breezy?

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  1. I wish she would just move on and respect his relationship. She left him hanging when the world was turning against him, and now that people are supporting him and liking his new relationship she wants him back. Chris run as fast as you can. Rihanna is nothing but trouble....

    1. i don't support what Chris brown did but the press blew it out of proportion. She still loves him but so does his girlfriend and she aint letting CB go for Rihanna


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