Monday, September 10, 2012

Pres. Obama responds to Nicki Minaj's rap about voting for Romney

Last week, Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj caused a bit of a stir when she dropped a rap line saying she would vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

"I'm a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bit**es are f*cking up the economy." she rapped.
During an interview today on Orland radio station Power 95.3, Pres Obama addresses the line lightly
He said
" I'm not sure thats actually what happened, i think there's a song on there. a little verse that said that. But she likes to play different characters, so i don't know what's going on there"

Moments after Nicki Minaj took to twitter to say

"Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humour and sarcasm Mr President. The smart ones always do. * sends love and support* Awesome! now i can tell my grandchildren hat the first black president of the United States took time out to address a Nicki Minaj question"

Sarcasm or Humour? I think she's just an attention seeker.

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