Monday, September 10, 2012

Lagos State Governor Tunde Fashola refuses chieftancy title

Govenor Fashola at the world economic forunm in 2008

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola has turned down a chieftancy title from the Oniru of Iru land.
The monarch offered the governor a title during his 75th birthday and 18th year coronation anniverary celebrations which took place on sunday.
" Kabiyesi and his chiefs can continue to lead us. let them deal with all those traditional and cheftancy issues . At the appropriate time, we will come and joing them but for now, leave us in our suits,booths overalls and helmets because this Agbada is not good enough or clearing refuse and tarring roads" he said.
They governor has been tagged " Best performing Governor in Nigeria" several times.
Do you think his refusal was a good move?
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